Our school motto is:

“Where Learning, Fun and Friendship Meet”

Our vision is that:

"Together we will succeed to enable Every Child to Enjoy and Achieve Life Long Learning"

Our school’s philosophy is based on giving every child the opportunity to succeed academically and socially and to ensure they achieve as highly as possible. We provide a caring and high quality Learning Environment where children benefit from an ethos of positive attitudes and high expectations.


"Our values are at the heart of everything we do"

We promote acceptance and engagement with the fundamental British Values and our children develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain.


Our School Promotes:              

 "High quality spiritual, moral, social and cultural development"

We take effective and thoughtful action to promote and design a wide range of opportunities to develop pupils spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical well being.  This enables our pupils to thrive in a supportive and positive climate for learning.  Please look at our SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) tab contained within the website to follow some of these opportunities.

Partnership Working        

The staff at Angram Bank work closely with our local "Family and Cluster of Schools" across Sheffield.  These cooperative links enable the school to keep informed about both local and national agendas that will help drive our school forward.

In addition to working with our "Family and Cluster", we have also forged tight links with three other schools from our city.  We work with staff from both Beck, Hucklow and Lound Academy in order to enhance our professional practice.   As a collaboration of schools, we have a collective wealth of expertise, as well as a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.  Throughout the academic year, staff from all four schools meet to moderate assessment, observe teaching and learning take part in professional development activities.  We often use this link with Lound, Hucklow and Beck to also work collaboratively with Education Consultants.   Please read the latest overview from our recent review.


Our Aims

  • To prepare our children to be successful learners who enjoy learning, make good progress and achieve highly.
  • To ensure our children become confident individuals who are able to form good relationships with others and lead safe and healthy lives.
  • To develop children to become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.
  • To provide a Learning Culture which promotes high achievement, emotional well being and engagement with learning.
    • To develop the partnership with parents and the community valuing and recognising its importance in enabling pupils to achieve.

What did OFSTED say about our school? (October 2016)

Below you can read what Ofsted has said about our school. You can read our latest report here.

  • “This is a good school”
  • “Achievement is good”
  • “Teaching is good. Relationships between adults and pupils are excellent”
  • “Pupils are polite, friendly and very considerate of each other”
  • “Many examples of good or better teaching were seen”
  • “The curriculum is well planned and leads to well organised lessons where teachers make clear to pupils what they are going to learn”
  • “Pupils’ behaviour and safety are good throughout the school. Occasionally, pupils behaviour is outstanding, particularly when listening and respecting the views of others. They know very clearly what it means to be “On the Angram Bank Bus”
  • “They leave school as good young citizens well prepared for the next stage of their education”
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